Welcome to Mohale-Oa-Masite – the most beautiful lodge in the mountains of Lesotho

Lesotho Quality Star Grading System

The Lesotho Quality Star Grading System for Accommodation exists to help  improve the standards and quality of accommodation services. Assessors are trained to serve the accommodation sector professionally and assist in achieving the goal of offering quality. We are currently being reviewed for accreditation and will confirm here upon completion. This is the rating we are working towards, nothing less.

Luxury at its best

Mohale -oa -Masite is a well –appointed lodge, with a magnificent views from the bedrooms, which are en suite .We provide fully serviced and self-catering accommodation to suit the needs of every travel

Our facilities range from single rooms to five people sharing. We have a private bar with cosy fire places for the chilly winter evenings. We have a conference hall and a dining hall. We cater for weddings and functions in your grass roofed laper.

A warm welcome!

We hope you find a room that suits your needs and chose to stay with us.

If you got any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Further amenities & options to spend your time

Great Experience

Tour to Katse Dam

Katse, a malaria free area, is one of Lesotho’s popular tourist destination. It was named after a wealthy man called Katse who used to have a lot of livestock and provided agricultural produce to the local communities. Katse Dam is a popular holiday destination, providing plenty of water-based activities.  Enjoy boat trips and cruises along this majestic dam, and experience breathtaking sunsets.

Relax your Mind

Pony Trekking

Pony trekking, which is the second most-used mode of transport in Lesotho, has become one of the most popular tourist activities and is one of the finest ways to experience the Lesotho highlands. The ponies are typically robust and sure-footed and treks explore the spectacular mountain scenery as well as give visitors the opportunity to see and experience the traditional lifestyle of the Basotho people.o.

A dream come true


Apart from swimming in the pristine streams and rock pools, Lesotho also offers canoeing opportunites in the many rivers that meander through the mountains. We will plan your route and places of interest and you will have all options available to you.